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Wonderful Wednesday #14

I'm writing this post on a tired Tuesday. Monday night was one of those nights where I  just couldn't sleep. I don't whether I was too hot, that afternoon coffee or my husbands snoring that was keeping me awake. I think it was probably all three. Anyway enough moaning, lets get on with the wonderful list.

Country Show - On Saturday myself, hubby and a few friends went off to our local country show. The show had all your typical Somerset things - Cider, cows, pigs, sheep and tractors. My highlight were the goats, I wish I could have taken one home.

There were also some fairground rides at the show. Hubby and I picked to share a bumper car. I hadn't been in a bumper car for years, I'd forgotten how much fun it was. Hubby was brave and let me drive, I tailgated my friends, did a few 180's and followed my hubbys orders to get that "guy in the purple hoody". I have a nice big bruise from where my knee hit the steering wheel each time we bumped, but it was …

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